Can I record video in Android Studio in another format, instead of WebM?

I'm developing an app in Android Studio, and it's useful to be able to record video from the emulator (via the button in the Logcat tab). However, in recent versions of Studio (I'm now on 3.4.1) the default video format has changed to WebM.

WebM videos are really big and awkward to work with. Is there an easy way to request a different format, e.g. MP4?

Inside the emulator settings, there's a different recording UI that allows you to save as .webm or .gif. I'm actually using GIFs right now, but it's not the best workaround. I'd prefer to use the Android Studio UI as it's more convenient.


  • You can still record videos from the command line:

    adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4

    When you are done recording, press Ctrl+C.

    Then you can copy the file to your computer (current folder)

    adb pull /sdcard/video.mp4

    If you want you can delete the file from the sdcard

    adb shell rm /sdcard/video.mp4