Can't read table data in as400 error SQL0204

I'm trying to find data in an AS400 either through Excel with ODBC or through the free DBeaver software. My problem is that of many tables I can read the name and properties but I can't read the data because I get the error "SQL0204 * FIRST in * N" etc.

For example I can read the DTLEG00F table but not the CEGENDS table.


table DTLEG00F


Properties of CEGENDS


  • It's complaining that no data member is in the table...

    Either, there really isn't a data member, or perhaps the table is a Distributed Data Management (DDM) table.

    From a 5250 command line, try the Display File Description (DSPFD) command.

    You want to look at two sections, File description Header enter image description here

    and on the second page of Data Base File Attributes, number of members enter image description here

    Lastly, at the very bottom, there's a list of members enter image description here