VSCode Zoom in on .png

Is there a way to zoom in on an image in VSCode (.png in particular)? My repository contains some very small images, and I would like to view them without opening another application. I thought that the FontSize shortcuts plugin might be a workaround, but unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work.


  • As of VS Code 1.36 it's very easy:

    • To zoom in, just click on the picture. When the mouse is over it, the cursor becomes a magnifying glass with a small "+".
    • To zoom out, press Ctrl and click on it. While Ctrl is pressed, the cursor changes to a magnifying glass with a small "-".

    Alternatively, the status bar in the lower-right corner displays some info about the picture, and one of the fields shows "100%": it's the current zoom level, just click on it and choose another one.