Center programmatically created window

I've been using the example from here to create a custom titlebar-less window:

Drawing a custom window on Mac OS X

I've found this is the only way i can create a titlebar-less window in Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion, other methods don't work right either on Leopard or Lion. (If i try to invoke a titlebar-less window via normal NSWindow and IB, it won't start up in Leopard anymore)

So far this custom titlebar-less window works great everywhere, but i can't center it, only a hard fixed position in Interface Builder.

It's fairly easy to center a normal NSWindow *window implementation with [window center], but i've found nothing that works on this custom window subclass, a window that isn't created from nib via Interface Builder.

I've tried a few things from NSWindow, but nothing seems to work.

Any Ideas?


  • CGFloat xPos = NSWidth([[window screen] frame])/2 - NSWidth([window frame])/2;
    CGFloat yPos = NSHeight([[window screen] frame])/2 - NSHeight([window frame])/2;
    [window setFrame:NSMakeRect(xPos, yPos, NSWidth([window frame]), NSHeight([window frame])) display:YES];

    This puts it at the literal center of the screen, not taking into account the space occupied by the dock and menu bar. If you want to do that, change [[window screen] frame] to [[window screen] visibleFrame].