Google Map not showing in Firebase Test Lab

I used Firebase Test Lab Robo Test to test my application and I found the map is not showing

enter image description here

I know it looks like I didn't properly set up the package names and SHA1s of my Maps API. But the truth is:

  1. My Google Maps API is enabled

  2. The package name and the SHA1 of keystore files are added in API settings (both debug and release)

  3. The map can be showed on my real devices as well as the emulator in Android Studio

Any ideas?


  • Update 11/2023: The re-signing doesn't seem to happen any more. The SHA-1 signature doesn’t change.

    I suspect that Firebase Test Lab re-signs your app for testing, and therefore changes the SHA-1 signature.

    The Google Play pre-launch report, which is based on Firebase Test Lab, mentions that the app will be re-signed in its docs:

    As of October 2017, the pre-launch report uses a new crawler to provide a more comprehensive review of your app. To do so, the pre-launch report must temporarily re-sign your APK or app bundle within our test environment.