Skip a line from text file in Fortran90

I'm writing in fortran (90). My program must read file1, do something with every line of it and write result to file2. But the problem - file1 has some unneeded information in first line.

How can I skip a line from input file using Fortran?

The code:

open (18, file='m3dv.dat')
open (19, file='m3dv2.dat')
  read(18,*) x
  tmp = sqrt(x**2 + 1)
  write(19, *) tmp
end do

First line is a combination of text and numbers.


  • One possible solution has already been presented to you which uses a "dummy variable", but I just wanted to add that you don't even need a dummy variable, just a blank read statement before entering the loop is enough:

    open(18, file='m3dv.dat')

    The other answers are correct but this can improve conciseness and (thus) readability of your code.