How to reset/change expired password for DB2 Content Manager 8.4.1

I had installed IBM DB2 Content Manager 8.4.1 months ago and now I wanted to access it to continue some more work.

But when I try to log in using System Administration Client, it tells me the password is expired. The error is:

DGL0394A: Error in ::DriverManager.getConnection;[jcc][t4][2012][11248][3.50.152]
Connection authorization failure occurred. Reason: Password expired.
[SERVER = icmnsldb, USERID = icmadmin, SQL RC = -4214, SQL STATE = 28000]

I've tried looking thru the config files, using the java update command line.. and I can't find a way to change or reset the password. I can't use System Administration Client to change the passwords, since it won't log me in to begin with. Any other method I can use to reset/change the password for a DB2 CM user?


  • Just use the Client for Windows on a desktop machine and not the eClient to login. It will directly notify about a expired password and you can set the new password immediately.