DB2 connect to remote DB without catalog?

I am trying to connect to DB2 LUW. I am aware that if I catalog tcpip node and the database, I will be able to connect to the DB. Example:

db2 catalog tcpip node mynode remote server 5555
db2 catalog database mydb as mydb at node mynode
db2 terminate
db2 connect to mydb user myuser using mypassword

However, if I may be required to connect to various DBs, does it mean that I HAVE TO undergo the catalog process every time there is a new DB involved? Or is there a way to connect without it? I did find this article from IBM KB, but it's for DB2 z/OS. Currently if I try the following syntax:

db2 connect to user myuser using mypassword

I get an error:

SQL0104N  An unexpected token "" was found following "TO".  Expected tokens may include:  "<database-alias>".  SQLSTATE=42601   


  • You can do this with CLPPlus, which is written in Java and therefore uses a JDBC driver:

    clpplus [email protected]:5555/mydb

    but not with the traditional CLP.