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HTML Report for Squish for web

I have an Squish for Web for automating web application. I would like to know whether HTML report will be generated for Squish and steps to generate it


  • To generate an HTML report you need to execute the test suite without the Squish IDE, as described in How to Do Automated Batch Testing (but also see Automated Batch Testing):

    Step 1 - Launch squishserver in background:


    squishserver --verbose &


    start /b squishserver --verbose

    Step 2 - Execute test suite:

    squishrunner --testsuite suite_mine --reportgen html,report_folder_name

    Note 1: After the execution the report can be viewed by opening the "index.html" file in the folder denoted by "report_folder_name".

    Note 2: If the folder denoted by "report_folder_name" does not exist, it will be created.

    Note 3: If the folder denoted by "report_folder_name" exists, it must be a Squish HTML report folder, and the results of this new test suite execution will be added to the existing report.