Are C++17 Parallel Algorithms implemented already?

I was trying to play around with the new parallel library features proposed in the C++17 standard, but I couldn't get it to work. I tried compiling with the up-to-date versions of g++ 8.1.1 and clang++-6.0 and -std=c++17, but neither seemed to support #include <execution>, std::execution::par or anything similar.

When looking at the cppreference for parallel algorithms there is a long list of algorithms, claiming

Technical specification provides parallelized versions of the following 69 algorithms from algorithm, numeric and memory: ( ... long list ...)

which sounds like the algorithms are ready 'on paper', but not ready to use yet?

In this SO question from over a year ago the answers claim these features hadn't been implemented yet. But by now I would have expected to see some kind of implementation. Is there anything we can use already?


  • You can refer here to check all C++17 feature implementation status. For your case, just search Standardization of Parallelism TS, and you will find only MSVC and Intel C++ compilers support this feature now.