Why does my tempdb reset permissions when the server is rebooted?

The past two times we have rebooted our sql server, our website has gone down. The reason appears to be because the tempdb is getting recreated and the ASPState user is losing permission to read/write to the tempdb (it is an ASP site and session data is stored in the sql server)

This was not a problem until about two weeks ago. Does anyone know how I can prevent the sql server from resetting tempdb permissions after a reboot? Or why this only started happening recently? We are using MS SQL Server 2005.


  • First off, you shouldn't assign permissions to the tempdb directly. For the obvious reasons that it gets recreated on every reboot.

    Which actually raises a question: why do you need to have direct permissions to this database anyway?

    You don't need any permissions beyond just being able to connect to sql server in order to create temp tables. However, if you are creating real tables in the tempdb, then I highly suggest you change this to use a dedicated database for this purpose.

    Based on Martin's comment all I can say is wow. I would never even have considered that this would have been an option.

    Okay, now that I've recovered from the shock.

    Create a new job in sql server that executes on a schedule. The schedule should be set to "Start Automatically whenever SQL Server Agent Starts". The job should recreate your necessary tempdb permissions.

    In a nutshell, when the server is rebooted the SQL Server Agent will be restarted (provided the service is set that way). When it restarts it will kick off this job that will then fix your permissions. I'd expect the site to remain down for only a few seconds more than it takes for SQL server to completely restart.