Dynamic tile in Fiori launchpad in HANA XSA. How?

How can we create a dynamic tile in Fiori launchpad module in HANA XSA. Can you please share some link or documentation.

Thanks, Shivam


  • You need to update the manifest.json file of the application under crossNavigation. The “indicatorDataSource” section makes the tile dynamic e.g.

    “crossNavigation”: {
    “inbounds”: {
    “SalesPerformanceDisplay”: {
    “semanticObject”: “SalesPerformance”,
    “action”: “Display”,
    “deviceTypes”: {
    “desktop”: true,
    “tablet”: true,
    “phone”: true
    “info”: “”,
    “icon”: “sap-icon://Fiori2/F0365”,
    “indicatorDataSource”: {
                              “path”: “/product_sales/resources/sap/demo/dynamictile/dynamic.json”,
                              “refresh”: “6000”,
                              “displayNumberUnit”: “%”

    For more information please see the following docu here: and here: