Do all RDEPENDS for python need to be explicitly defined in IMAGE_INSTALL_append in Yocto?

As a part of the creating a Recipe for the InfluxDB-python client. I added all the packages in the requirements.txt into the RDEPEND_${PN} for example:

RDEPENDS_${PN} = " python3-requests python3-json python3-dateutil python3-six"

However is it a necessity to add the above mentioned dependencies in the local.conf file as follows?:

  IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " python3-six python3-dateutil python3-json"

Does RDEPENDS not install it accordingly?


  • RDEPENDS means run time dependency. So do_rootfs automatically adds all the packages listed as RDEPENDS into the final image.

    Only thing you should consider is, your package should be part of the image which you are compiling.

    For example, assume is the recipe for your final image, you should somewhere in .bbappend or in .bb of this image file add your recipe name, i.e for example

    When building bitbake core-image-minimal, your package my-package and also it's runtime dependencies are automatically added.