gtags produces empty GTAGS file with pygments

I am trying to run gtags on a python code base with a pygments plug-in parser, but the GTAGS file produced is empty and the GRTAGS references stuff like "str" which just seems wrong to me.

Here are relevant parts of the .globalrc:


and pygments-parser is pretty straightforward, I guess. Global is version 6.6.2. I have read this might be a problem with ctags, which pygment uses for definition tags, however gtags --explain does not mention any usage of ctags - should it? The .globalrc does not specify any configuration of ctags, but judging by the pygments plug-in manual this should not be necessary as pygments uses it internally. Is that correct? What could be the cause


  • I also use global (GNU GLOBAL) 6.6.2. I don't have my own .globalrc. The following method described in /usr/share/gtags/PLUGIN_HOWTO.pygments works for me:

    $ export GTAGSCONF=/usr/share/gtags/gtags.conf
    $ export GTAGSLABEL=pygments
    $ gtags
    $ ls -Al G*
    -rw-r--r-- 1 ja users  32768 May 28 22:22 GPATH
    -rw-r--r-- 1 ja users 458752 May 28 22:22 GRTAGS
    -rw-r--r-- 1 ja users 253952 May 28 22:22 GTAGS

    After doing that I can use gtags mode inside Emacs to jump to a function definition and calls.

    EDIT: I checked that in order for this to work I need to have a working ctags binary in my $PATH, it's also described in the help file I mentioned:

    Make sure python and ctags can be invoked in your command line.
    $ type python
    python is /usr/bin/python
    $ type ctags
    ctags is /usr/local/bin/ctags