How to access SAP Fiori Launchpad with SAP Fiori Client (internal URL)

I tried accessing our Fiori Launchpad with SAP Fiori Client. At first, I checked the connection in browser. This URL did not work:

server not found


The server could only be accessed this way:


The URL using the server IP address is only working in browser. In SAP Client I get a certificate error because the SSL certificate is issued for the hostname and not for the IP.

What I did also try to connect with SAP Fiori Client:

  • Using HTTP instead of HTTPS
  • Using Hostname with and w/o VPN connected

Is there any way to access Fiori Launchpad with SAP Fiori Client when using an internal URL?


  • The answer was easier than I thought. I just forgot to configure the proxy on mobile. This way I could reach the hostname and access SAP Fiori Client.