How to export custom post type details with it's postmeta and images

I have a custom post type on two websites and I have to export all posts in that post type and import to the second site.

So my post type is "products". Actually, I can use Wordpress default import export but the problem is that it is not including the full details in the post type and not exporting all images.

In my product, I have an additional image gallery section near featured image sidebar. Here I can add gallery images.

so if my post id is 324 and I added two galley images for that post then in database post_meta_option I can see that

post_id=324, meta_key=rtthemert_gallery_images ,meta_value =222,223 here 223,224 are image id.

So please anyone can help me to make an export query for this gallery images only, so that when I import to the second site the gallery images also need to automatically added to that post.


  • You can use WP all Export to export and WP all Import to import on the other site. Both plugins are developed by the same company and they work great together.

    The interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

    I've been using it for years on some really large databases with a lot of required tweakings and I never had any issue.