haxelib selfupdate won't work

Whenever I run haxelib selfupdate I get the following error:

Error writing file /usr/bin/haxelib. Please ensure you have write permissions. [file_open,/usr/bin/haxelib]

I tried to change the owner and group of /usr /usr/bin and /usr/bin/haxelib to my own user and group to no use. I get the same error :/

If I try to run haxelib as administrator, it requires me to make a new haxelib setup (I guess it is one setup per user). Once I did the setup and ran sudo haxelib selfupdate I got the folloing error:

Error compiling haxelib client: Standard library not found

I tried to found more resources on how haxelib works and is organized to try to solve this issue but I couldn't. Could anyone explain me what I am missing? I know it is very silly but I can't get it to word.


  • Since commit the command haxelib selfupdate is deprecated and will be removed in future. There more changes.

    Use haxelib --global update haxelib instead.