React native Modal, avoid resizing View when keyboard is opened (Android)

I'm using a react-native Modal, which contains a View. The View has some TextInput elements. When the keyboard pops up, the View elements all collapse to fit into the remaining space, but I don't want the View to change at all.

This does not happen for IOS. And also, it does not happen in non-modal Views for Android within the same app.

I have windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" set in my android Manifest, but it doesn't seem to be applied on the Modal.

<ImageBackground source={require('./../images/IMG1.png')}
        style={{flex: 1}} imageStyle={{resizeMode: 'cover'}}>
  <View style={{flex: 1}}>
     <Modal visible={this.state.modalVisible} animationType={'slide'} 
        onRequestClose={() => this.closeModal()}>

        <ImageBackground source={require('./../images/IMG2.png')}
          style={{flex: 1}} imageStyle={{resizeMode: 'cover'}}>

        <TouchableWithoutFeedback onPress={Keyboard.dismiss} accessible={false}>
        <View style={{flex:1}}>


          <View style={{flex:0.9, alignItems:'center', justifyContent: 'center', 
                                                  flexDirection: 'row'}}>
            <TextInput style={MyStyle.textInput}
                onChangeText={(myTitle) => this.setState({myTitle})}


  • As a workaround, I ended up using a fixed height value for the Modal’s child View instead of flex. (Got it using Dimensions height). It seems to work as I expected.