Expected 'this' to be used by class method

In my class, eslint is complaining "Expected 'this' to be used by class method 'getUrlParams'

Here is my class:

class PostSearch extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {

  getUrlParams(queryString) {
    const hashes = queryString.slice(queryString.indexOf('?') + 1).split('&');
    const params = {};

    hashes.forEach((hash) => {
      const [key, val] = hash.split('=');
      params[key] = decodeURIComponent(val);

    return params;

  getSearchResults() {
    const { terms, category } = this.getUrlParams(;
    this.props.dispatch(Actions.fetchPostsSearchResults(terms, category));

  render() {
    return (
        <HorizontalLine />
        <div className="container">
          <Col md={9} xs={12}>
            <h1 className="aboutHeader">Test</h1>
          <Col md={3} xs={12}>
            <SideBar />

What is the best approach to solve this or refactor this component?


  • you should bind the function to this as the ESLint error says "Expected 'this' to be used by class method 'getUrlParams'

    getUrlParams = (queryString) => { .... }

    as you are not using getUrlParams during render (like onClick()) so the above technique is good which we can call it "usage of arrow function in class property".

    there are other ways of binding too:

    • binding in constructor this.getUrlParams=this.getUrlParams.bind(this)
    • arrow function in render e.g.onClick={()=>this.getUrlParams()} assumed that function does not have params.
    • and React.createClass which with ES6 does not make sense :)