SFML Multiple Room Game design, How to organize the program?

when making a game with c++ and sfml, how does one go about organizing the multiple levels? In my game there will be multiple rooms, I plan on changing the room by changing the sf::View, but I dont want a lengthy main.cpp that is unorganized, so do I make each room/level a separate function? Or make a class that manages the current room/level and just switches the room accordingly? Whats the best way to organize multiple levels in a sfml game? Thanks.


  • I decided to use an enum class, thanks for link and advice domsson. My enum class and switch statements look like:

    int windowWidth = 5000;//width of window
    int windowHeight = 5000;//height of window
    sf::View leveltwo(sf::FloatRect(x, y, 5000, 5000));
    sf::View start(sf::FloatRect(0, 0, 2500, 1500));
    sf::RenderWindow window(sf::VideoMode(windowWidth, windowHeight ), "Awesome Game" );
    enum Levels{
        StartRoom, LevelTwo
    Levels room = StartRoom;
    void WhatRoom(int TheLevel){
        switch (room){
            case StartRoom:
                if (TheLevel == 2){
                    room = LevelTwo;
            case LevelTwo:

    This is working very well.