Providing a meaningful default directory name in GIMP Scheme (script-Fu)

I'm a total newbie to Scheme (about 1 week). I'm registering a script for which the second parameter is an output directory name - via SF-DIRNAME. How do I supply a meaningful default to the front-end widget that does not use host platform-specific names? Ideally, I'd like it to be '/Users/[username]' - or if possible - the Scheme equivalent of ${PWD}. As an illustration, when you create a new image and hit 'Save' for the first time, the default directory there is '/Users/[username]/Documents' - so it must be possible. How does the widget know what your user home directory is? How can this be referred to in the default field of the registration statement? Finally, it would be really nice if Gimp could 'remember' which output directory was selected last time (within the scope of the lifetime of the Gimp instance) and offer that up as the default on the second and subsequent invocations of the script. I've scoured hundreds of other people's scripts, the Gimp community pages and the Scheme documentation and I've found, literally, nothing on this requirement. Thanks in advance. VV


  • Gimp uses the GTKFileChooser widget, and there is nothing you can do in your script to make it different from the other instances of GTKFileChooser used in Gimp.

    But what you supply as a default name can be a variable, it doesn't need to be a static string, and it can be set by any means available in to your Scheme interpreter at the time of registration (looking for the HOME environment variable, for instance).

    Btw, if you are new to this, write your scripts in Python, it is both easier and more powerful.