Have border wrap around text

Suppose I have a div with some text in it

<div id='page' style='width: 600px'>
  <h1 style='border:2px black solid; font-size:42px;'>Title</h1>

The border for the heading will extend all 600 pixels across the page, but I want the word "Title" to fit tightly inside. However, I don't know ahead of time how many pixels wide the word is so I can't for example put the "Title" inside a div and set its width explicitly.

Is there an easy way to make a border fit around text that does not fully extend horizontally across an area?


  • This is because h1 is a block element, so it will extend across the line (or the width you give).

    You can make the border go only around the text by setting display:inline on the h1