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Mongoose partial update of an object

I have a simple user model:

  _id: "59d72070d9d03b28934b972b"
  firstName: "first"
  lastName: "last"
  email: "[email protected]"
  subscriptions: {
    newsletter: true,
    blog: true

I'm trying to do partial updates on the subscriptions object. I'm passing the id of the user and a payload object that can have either one or both properties of the object. Let's say I only want to update newsletter and set it to false. I'll send:

{ id: "59d72070d9d03b28934b972b", payload: { newsletter: false } }

And then:

const user = await User.findByIdAndUpdate(,
  { $set: { subscriptions: args.payload } },
  { upsert: true, new: true }

This will return:

subscriptions: {
  newsletter: false

Is there a way to only modify the newsletter property when I only pass newsletter in the payload object without deleting the other properties? I know I only have two properties in this example, but in time, the object will keep expanding.


  • I ended up doing the following:

    const user = await User.findById(;
    // merge subscriptions
    user.subscriptions = Object.assign({}, user.subscriptions, args.payload);