Is "Docker" an implementation of "Container"?

I'm trying to learn Docker and came to know of the term Container. I am bit confused, in most of the online materials which I referred to (understand Docker), the term "Container" appears somewhere.

What is the difference between Docker and Container and is Docker one of the implementations of Container?


  • A Container is essentially a package(with an embedded application) that can be run anywhere. A Container allows a developer to package an application with all of the dependencies it needs, and ship it as one package.

    At a lower level, a Container is an operating system level virtualization method for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on a control host using a single Linux kernel. LXC(Linux Containers) combines the kernel's cgroups and support for isolated namespaces to provide an isolated environment for applications.

    Docker is a tool that was designed to make it much easier to create, deploy, and run applications in containers, rather than using LXC(Linux Containers) directly.