Angular CLI output - how to analyze bundle files

I am using Angular CLI to build an app for production using the --prod switch. The bundle is created in the dist directory. Is there a way to know which classes and functions have been actually put in the bundle after tree-shacking and all other steps?


  • UPDATE 2024 (v17 and above) 🎉

    In case you are using the latest Angular (Vite set by default from Angular v17) then you have to try esbuild analyze (official) or esbuild-visualizer to inspect your bundle size. You need to enable the statsJson option in angular.json. Then you will have a stats.json in your dist folder.

    "architect": {
      "build": {
        "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:application",
        "options": {
          "statsJson": true,

    UPDATE 2020 (v16 and below):

    The Angular team strongly recommends to only use source-map-explorer to analyze your bundle size instead of webpack-bundle-analyzer. According to them, webpack-bundle-analyzer and a few other similar tools doesn't give the actual info pertaining to Angular build process.

    More info can be fount at -

    To install source-map-explorer globally:-

    npm i -g source-map-explorer


    yarn global add source-map-explorer

    To analyze bundle size :-

    source-map-explorer dist/my-awesome-project/main.js

    Remember to have source maps ready: they can be obtained by building with ng build --prod --source-map. However since v12 you don't really need to pass --prod flag

    You can use webpack-bundle-analyzer to inspect your bundles.

    • npm install webpack-bundle-analyzer --save-dev

    • modify your package.json scripts section with "analyze": "ng build --prod --stats-json && webpack-bundle-analyzer dist/stats.json"

    • npm run analyze

    You can checkout this repo it is just a simple angular app that demonstrates how to implement lazy loading and it has webpack-bundle-analyzer already setup as above.

    Also you can configure Angular CLI budgets to monitor your bundles size.

    Also with @ngx-builders/analyze you can do:

    • ng add @ngx-builders/analyze
    • npm i source-map-explore -g
    • ng run [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]:analyze

    In case if you are using nx console (aka angular console) now it has bundle analyzing feature built-in also bear in mind that stats.jsonpath might be different for each project stated by @Klaster_1 in comments.