Would installing WAMP delete your current local databases?

I recently followed a tutorial on getting started with WordPress which included installing a WAMP Server.

Some days later I checked on a Java program that I'm working on which connects to a local database, but it could no longer connect to that database, and if i checked in the MySQL WorkBench or DataGrip it seemed as in that database did not exsist anymore, and it only showed my database from my WordPress project, all the other local databases i had made before installing WAMP are gone.

Is there any way to find them?

EDIT: They DO exist in the folder C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\Data but I don't know how to access them, as they're not working in my Java program, or not showing in the WorkBench as schemas anymore


  • You now have 2 MYSQL Servers installed and therefore which ever one is started first will be the one that phpMyAdmin or Workbench talks to.

    To get to your old database, just stop the wampserver MySQL server

    [left click] wampmanager -> MYSQL-> Service Administrator->Stop Service

    Then go into the services snapin

    Windows Key+R
    Enter services.msc
    Press the OK button

    Find the service called MYSQL and start that.

    You should now be able to access the old database using phpMyAdmin or WorkBench

    Backup the old database

    Then from the services snapin agian STOP the MYSQL service.

    Restart the WAMPServer MySQL

    [left click] wampmanager -> MYSQL-> Service Administrator->Start Service

    Now restore your database into the WAMPServer version of MySQL.

    Once this is completed, you can uninstall the old MySQL Server instance.