Factor programming language: setting-up .factor-roots configuration

I downloaded the Factor programming language for Mac. I can now launch the command factor from the command line successfully. I read in a book covering this language (Seven More Languages in...) that, to run standalone programs I need to indicate the root paths from which Factor will search for vocabularies. I thus have to create a .factor-roots file in my home directory indicating the full paths to the root directories where I have my Factor source files, one path per line. My factor folder is in the /Applications folder. factor directory contains:          git-id           libfactor-ffi-test.dylib
basis               libfactor.dylib
core                license.txt
extra               misc
factor              work

What should I exactly write in the .factor-roots file, to make it work?


  • SOLVED: I have to write into the .factor-roots file the path to the directory into which I write my standalone programs, not the path to the Factor installation directory.