ESLint not working in VS Code?

ESLint is not working for me in VS Code. I have the plugin installed in VS Code, and ESLint itself as a developer dependency in my package.json, which I have installed as well.

I modified the following option in the VS Code User Settings:

  "eslint.options": { "configFile": "C:/mypath" }

I have use the command eslint --init to add the basic .eslintrc.json to the main directory of my package.

Other people were able to get ESLint feedback from VS Code using the exact same package with the exact same ESLint config file.

I have received no feedback of any kind when directly breaking multiple rules that were all included in the recommended rule set that is by default inside of the .eslintrc.json file.

What am I missing?

Edit: I have tested using ESLint via command line, and everything worked as expected, with the errors found where they should have, however, these same errors never showed up in VS Code. The issue seems to be on VS Code's side and not ESLint.


  • There are a few reasons that ESLint may not be giving you feedback. ESLint is going to look for your configuration file first in your project and if it can't find a .eslintrc.json there it will look for a global configuration. Personally, I only install ESLint in each project and create a configuration based off of each project.

    The second reason why you aren't getting feedback is that to get the feedback you have to define your linting rules in the .eslintrc.json. If there are no rules there, or you have no plugins installed then you have to define them.