Multiple Caffeine LoadingCaches added to Spring CaffeineCacheManager

I'm looking to add several distinct LoadingCache's to a Spring CacheManager, however I don't see how this is possible using CaffeineCacheManager. It appears that only a single loader is possible for refreshing content, however I need separate loaders for each cache. Is it possible to add multiple loading caches to a Spring cache manager? If so, then how?

CaffeineCacheManager cacheManage = new CaffeineCacheManager();

LoadingCache<String, Optional<Edition>> loadingCache1 = 
            .refreshAfterWrite(5, TimeUnit.MINUTES)
            .build(test -> this.testRepo.find(test));

LoadingCache<String, Optional<Edition>> loadingCache2 = 
            .refreshAfterWrite(5, TimeUnit.MINUTES)
            .build(test2 -> this.testRepo.find2(test2));

// How do I add to cache manager, and specify a name?


  • Yes it is possible. Since you need to fine tune every cache, you are probably better at defining them yourself. Back to your example, the next step would be:

    SimpleCacheManager cacheManager = new SimpleCacheManager();
        new CaffeineCache("first", loadingCache1),
        new CaffeineCache("second", loadingCache2)));

    And then you can use that as usual, e.g.

    public Foo load(String id) { ... }

    If you are using Spring Boot, you can just expose the individual cache as beans (so org.springframework.cache.Cache implementations) and we'll detect them and create a SimpleCacheManager automatically for you.

    Note that this strategy allows you to use the cache abstraction with different implementations. first could be a caffeine cache and second a cache from another provider.