How to add an user and re set the root user in yocto?

I like to do some things for the build-in users of my yocto project:

1.) set a password for root to "abc"

2.) set the root shell for ssh login form /bin/sh to /bin/bash

3.) add the user "customUser" with password "xyz"

Think a simple recipe can do this. So far I tried @

SUMMARY = "admin + user"

inherit extrausers useradd

# how to
# pw: abc
# at bash: usermod -p $(openssl passwd abc) root
# get a salted hash: openssl passwd abc
# one possible result: 1Cw5PHLy76ps2
# the command now looks: usermod -p 1Cw5PHLy76ps2 root

# set image root password
EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "usermod -p 1Cw5PHLy76ps2 root;"


# password
# "xyz"
# openssl passwd xyz
# result: y5UyLBO4GNAwc

USERADD_PARAM_${PN} = "-u 1200 -d /home/customUser -r -s /bin/bash -p y5UyLBO4GNAwc customUser"

do_install_append () {
    install -d -m 755 ${D}${datadir}/customUser

    # The new users and groups are created before the do_install
    # step, so you are now free to make use of them:
    chown -R customUser ${D}${datadir}/customUser

    # groups
    # chgrp -R group1 ${D}${datadir}/customUser

FILES_${PN} = "${datadir}/*"

#ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1"

Any idea how to get this done?


  • I took your example and made two small changes to get it to work.

    First, I removed inherit extrauser, this isn't necessary when working with useradd. That made bitbaking the recipe fail; the username was invalid. I changed the username to custom, and everything builds fine.

    When inspecting the resulting myuser_1.0-r0.0_armv5e.ipk, I can see that there are a preinstall script in myuser_1.0-r0.0_armv5e.ipk/control.tar.gz/preinst that will create your user.