HDD cloned to SSD, Ubuntu stucks on Emergency Mode

I succesfully cloned my HDD to an SSD with a tool for Windows (MiniTool Partition Wizard).

Windows starts correctly but if I select linux bootloader Ubuntu stucks in Emergency Mode. All the data are ok but I can't use GUI.

Is it possible that the problem is the UUID in /etc/fstab?

What do I have to do after fstab update? Run sudo update-grub?



  • Ok, I fixed the problem.

    In /etc/fstab I had an invalid UUID for /boot/efi mount point, maybe due to the tool I used for cloning the HDD (MiniTool Partition Wizard). The others mount point entries were correct.

    We have to use blkid for the correct UUID to insert in /etc/fstab. If we use the Partition unique GUID from gdisk the system won't start.

    On internet I always found that this is the same value but it isn't correct.

    Partition unique GUID of gdisk is the same as PARTUUID from blkid, not UUID.

    We can also use ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid