Configure external jars with HDI Jupyter Spark (Scala) notebook

I have an external custom jar that I would like to use with Azure HDInsight Jupyter notebooks; the Jupyter notebooks in HDI use Spark Magic and Livy.

Within the first cell of the notebook, I'm trying to use the jars configuration:

%%configure -f
{"jars": ["wasb://$container$@$account#.blob.core.windows.net/folder/my-custom-jar.jar"]}

But the error message I receive is:

Starting Spark application
The code failed because of a fatal error:
    Status 'shutting_down' not supported by session..

Some things to try:
a) Make sure Spark has enough available resources for Jupyter to create a Spark context. For instructions on how to assign resources see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=717038
b) Contact your cluster administrator to make sure the Spark magics library is configured correctly.
Current session configs: {u'jars': [u'wasb://$container$@$account#.blob.core.windows.net/folder/my-custom-jar.jar'], u'kind': 'spark'}
An error was encountered:
Status 'shutting_down' not supported by session.

I'm wondering if I'm just not understanding how Livy works in this case as I was able to successfully include a spark-package (GraphFrames) on the same cluster:

%%configure -f
{ "conf": {"spark.jars.packages": "graphframes:graphframes:0.3.0-spark2.0-s_2.11" }}

Some additional references that may be handy (just in case I missed something):


  • Oh, I was able to figure it out and forgot to update my question. This can work if you put the jar in the default storage account of your HDI cluster.