ESLint: "error Parsing error: The keyword 'const' is reserved"

I am getting this error from ESLint:

error  Parsing error: The keyword 'const' is reserved

from this code:

const express = require('express');
const app = express();
const _ = require('underscore');

I've tried removing node_modules and reinstalling all npm packages (as suggested here), but to no avail.


  • ESLint defaults to ES5 syntax-checking.
    You'll want to override to the latest well-supported version of JavaScript.

    Try adding a .eslintrc.json file to your project. Inside it:

        "parserOptions": {
            "ecmaVersion": "latest"
        "env": {
            "es6": true

    Hopefully this helps.

    EDIT: I also found this example .eslintrc.json which might help.