What size screenshots should be used for IAPs ( In app purchases ) for Mac apps?

What dimensions should be used for IAP screenshots for Mac apps on iTunesconnect?

I have tried uploading PNG screenshots with:

2560 x 1600 px
640 x 920 px

to no avail... but the upload does not seem to be accepted... Can anyone advise which dimensions will be accepted? Apple specifies 640 x 920 but it does not upload and there is no error message.

enter image description here


  • In the official docs I found this:

    A screenshot of the product as it appears on the device. This screenshot is used for Apple’s review only and is not displayed on the App Store. Screenshots requirements are outlined below: iOS: at least 640 x 920 pixels. tvOS requires 1920 x1080 pixels. macOS requires 1280 x 800 pixels.


    Interesting enough I just tried with a 640px (width) by 920px (height) screenshot for Mac IAP and everything is fine. Make sure you have no alpha-channel, but this gives another error.