How to download entire folder from Firebase Storage?

I want to download an entire folder from Firebase storage. I can download single files using DownloadURL as follows, but it does not work for folders.

var storageRef =;

// Create a reference to the file we want to download
var starsRef = storageRef.child(path);

// Get the download URL
starsRef.getDownloadURL().then(function(url) {
  // Insert url into an <img> tag to "download"
  ImageUrl = url;

}).catch(function(error) {
  switch (error.code) {
    case 'storage/object_not_found':
      // File doesn't exist

    case 'storage/unauthorized':
      // User doesn't have permission to access the object

    case 'storage/canceled':
      // User canceled the upload

    case 'storage/unknown':
      // Unknown error occurred, inspect the server response

How to download entire folder from Firebase?


  • There is no API in Firebase Storage to download all files in a folder. You will have to download the files one by one, or create a zip file that contains all the files.

    As Lahiru's answer shows it can be accomplished with gsutils, but that's a server-side operation - not something you'd run in your client-side application.