STM32 internal clocks

I am confused with the clock system on my STM32F7 device (Cortex-M7 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics). The reference manual does not clarify the differences between these clocks sufficiently:

  • HCLK
  • FCLK

The reference manual reads in chapter << 5.2 Clocks >> "The RCC feeds the external clock of the Cortex System Timer (SysTick) with the AHB clock (HCLK) divided by 8."
This statement contradicts the figure from CubeMX. Notice that in CubeMX I can choose myself the prescaler from HCLK to 'Cortex System Timer'. It is not necessarily a division by 8.

enter image description here


  • Normally the only difference between HCLK and FCLK is that :

    • HCLK is the main CPU clock, also used for AHB interface. It can be gated when the CPU is sleeping (WFI for example)
    • FCLK is synchronous to HCLK but is not gated when the CPU goes to sleep, so that it can awake in case of interrupt.