Delete all users from firebase auth console

Is there an easy way to delete all registered users from firebase console? For example, I created a hundred users from my development environment, and now I want to delete all of them.


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    Update 2016-11-08 original answer below

    We just released the Firebase Admin SDK, which supports administrative use-cases, such as deleting a user account without requiring that user to sign in first.

    original answer

    There is currently no API in Firebase Authentication to delete a user without requiring that user to sign in. We know this limits the usability of our API and are working to add such functionality in a future release. But as usual, we don't provide specific timelines for when the feature will be available.

    For the moment your only work arounds are to:

    • sign in as each test user in the app and delete the user from there
    • delete each user in turn from the Firebase Console