Run Makefile with crontab

I'm new in Ubuntu and programming. I'm testing a program that I found on github, to download and import OSM data into postgis. It works when I run it from terminal (url and name are fake):

make all NAME=dbname URL='http://myurl'

using postgres user.

Now I need to run this command every day. So I wrote that script:

# go to the directory with Makefile
cd /PCuserhome/directory/to/Makefile/

# run Makefile
make all NAME=dbname URL='http://myurl'

and it works when i run it from terminal.

So I have added it to crontab (of postgres user) in this way:

0,15,30,45 * * * * /PCuserhome/

It create the db but probably fail in running osmosis selection (Osmosis is in the path for all users). Any idea to solve this? Thank you!


  • crontab commands are executed only with minimal environment variables, i.e.

    PATH=/usr/bin:/bin (on debian anyway),

    so if you are relying on programs that are in your $PATH, it will fail. Consider specifying an absolute path to the osmosis program wherever it's called from.

    Alternatively you can change $PATH itself in your script

    export PATH="/my/bin:$PATH"

    p.s.: you can check the environment by adding a simple cron job

    * * * * * env > /tmp/env.txt