Get GOS attachment list for notification via BAPI

I need to find a BAPI (or a chain of BAPIs?) to read the Notification Attachment List (GOS) using as input the Notification number.

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I've tried many BAPIs, but the only functional result was via SO_OBJECT_READ FM to which I passed Object ID (which I obtained from SOOD table).

enter image description here

Problem is that I'm unable to retrieve the attachment object list belonging to the notification. Any idea or suggestion?


  • Try to use BDS_GOS_CONNECTIONS_GET function module to retrieve attachment list for notification. Specify parameters like this:

       logical_system  = <system name> * << optional parameter       
       classname       = BPR_NOTIF     * << object type for notifications     
       objkey          = 1014866112016 * << your notification number + year        
       client          = XXX
       gos_connections = lt_attachments

    The attachments links can be found in SRGBTBREL table and FM OBJKEY parameter corresponds to INSTID_A field of this table.