How to install specific version of maven in mac using brew command

I want to install specific version (3.0.5) of maven in my using brew command. I tried the following command which is failed with Error: No available formula with the name "3.0.5"

brew install maven 3.0.5

Any ideas?


  • brew install

    it will then use a different Homebrew's formular which will give you the maven 3.0.5 instead

    I tried this last on my Mac and it works installing the 3.0.5!

    If none works and you can use similar version try the below:

    brew install maven30

    What OS do you have? On OS X 10.9 you should use brew install maven30 since maven 3.1.1 seems to be buggy.

    By the way:

    Using Homebrew:

    you@host:~$ brew install maven will install Maven 3.3.1 (3/24/15)
    you@host:~$ brew install maven30 will install Maven 3.0 which should be 


    If you got a 404 error, try doing a brew update just before.

    If always nothing, try to recover the installation:

    cd ~/Documents
    mkdir BrewRecovery
    cd BrewRecovery
    curl -OL
    md5 Brewfile-deanchester.brewfile