Is cout Guaranteed to Have the ctype<char> facet?

Given: auto foo = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"s I can convert all the characters to lowercase by:

use_facet<ctype<char>>(cout.getloc()).tolower(data(foo), next(data(foo), foo.size()));

Live Example

But this depends upon cout.getloc() containing the ctype<char> facet.

Presuming that I'm using an unmodified cout can I assume that cout.getloc() will contain the facet ctype<char> or do I need to confirm this before use with:



  • From cppreference:

    Each locale constructed in a C++ program holds at least the following standard facets [...]:

    1. std::ctype<char>
    2. ...

    Any locale, meaning even locales not of the cout object will support std::ctype<char>.