BlueZ DBUS API - GATT interfaces unavailable for BLE device

I have a BLE device which has a bunch of GATT services running on it. My goal is to access and read data from the service characteristics on this device from a Linux computer (BlueZ version is 5.37). I have enabled experimental mode - therefore, full GATT support should be available. BlueZ's DBUS API, however, only provides the org.bluez.GattManager1 interface for the connected device, and not the org.bluez.GattCharacteristic1 or org.bluez.GattService1 interfaces which I need. Is there something I'm doing wrong? The device is connected and paired, and really I've just run out of ideas as how to make this work, or what may be wrong.

If it helps, I'm using Python and the DBUS module to interface with BlueZ.


  • A system update resolved this problem.