How to use CRM_ORDER_READ function module in SAP CRM?

I am a fresher. Just 2 months of experience in SAP ABAP.

I am asked to get the quotation date for list of contracts. For that I need to get the crm business transaction number from everh table.

Now I need to use this transaction number in the program crm_order_read and get the export parameter et_orderadm_i in which GUID will be available and also the creation date and time(quotation date).

Now I am not able to understand that how to pass the transaction number(object_id) in the program crm_order_read? There is also a function module crm_order_id available, but there is no import parameter which is a transaction number.

Again, how the export parameter et_orderadm_i will contain the quotation date? I am not able to find a way to write the piece of code.


  • Usually you don't pass IDs to CRM_ORDER_READ, but GUIDs.

    If you have anyhow only IDs available, you first might want to change the approach. Or make a select on table CRMD_ORDERADM_H.

    Which object has which guid can be seen in SE16 => CRMD_ORDERADM_H => F8.

    However you can test the function module CRM_ORDER_READ in the program SE38=>CRM_ORDER_READ also with IDs.

    Here's some basic coding that you can use as template.

            INCLUDE crm_object_names_con.
                    lv_guid                TYPE crmt_object_guid,
                    lt_guid                TYPE crmt_object_guid_tab,
                    lt_req_obj             TYPE crmt_object_name_tab,
                    lt_orderadm_i          TYPE crmt_orderadm_i_wrkt,
                    ls_orderadm_i          TYPE crmt_orderadm_i_wrk,
                    lt_orderadm_h          TYPE crmt_orderadm_h_wrkt,
                    ls_orderadm_h          TYPE crmt_orderadm_h_wrk.
            CLEAR lt_guid.
            INSERT lv_guid INTO TABLE lt_guid.
            INSERT gc_object_name-orderadm_h   INTO TABLE lt_req_obj.
            INSERT gc_object_name-orderadm_i INTO TABLE lt_req_obj.
                it_header_guid       = lt_guid
                it_requested_objects = lt_req_obj
                et_orderadm_h        = lt_orderadm_h. 
                et_orderadm_i        = lt_orderadm_i. 
            READ TABLE lt_orderadm_i INTO ls_orderadm_i INDEX 1.
            LOOP AT lt_orderadm_i INTO ls_orderadm_i .


    Double-click on CRM_ORDER_READ to navigate into it and get the exported data-types from there if you need different ones.

    In CRM_ORDER_READ click on the where-used-list to see how it is implemented at other locations.

    The date can be found in ORDERADM_H-POSTING_DATE.