How to access files inside a Python egg file?

This might be a weird requirement but it's what I've run into. I Googled but yield nothing.

I'm coding an application who's using a lot of constant attributes / values recorded in an XML file (they'll not change so a static file), things work fine until I generated an egg file for it.

When the logic reaches the XML accessing part, I got one complaint like this: /home/Workspace/my_proj/dist/mps-1.2.0_M2-py2.6.egg/mps/par/client/syntax/syntax.xml

Actually I've bundled the XML file in the path above but seems Python doesn't know how to access it.

The code to access the XML is as...

file_handler = open(path_to_the_file)
lines =

Any idea?


  • egg files are zipfiles, so you must access "stuff" inside them with the zipfile module of the Python standard libraries, not with the built-in open function!