What is a .darc file and how to decompile?

I have decompiled a free android apk with apktool and I found a file with .darc extension. It has a lot of size and when I open it with and hex editor contain .luac files references and others but the luac files is not in the decompiled app folder. What can i do? Some idea?

The principal purpose of this question was to know how can i change some text in the apk. For example, customize the name of a village in the game or name of some tool.


  • It seems to be a packaged archive: see here or here here (a python package)

    Darc is an archiving system for use in media projects that allows developers to contain and use their data files from .darc files that store data in a bz2 compressed and AES encrypted (optional) format.

    UPDATE: you can try to uinpack the .darc file using this utility (python):