Error with igraph library - deprecated library

I have changed my computer to a Linux Mint x64 OS and I have throubles with a python library, igraph library, when i try to execute and old program I made.

DeprecationWarning: To avoid name collision with the igraph project, this visualization library has been renamed to 'jgraph'. Please upgrade when convenient.

I can't find information about how to change my code for the new library. On a Win8 PC, via pip installation, it works perfectly but I can't make it working on my PC with Mint. The normal installation made with

sudo apt-get install python-igraph

install 0.6.5-1 library version. I've also tried installing it with pip but it gives me same error but installed version is igraph-0.1.11-py2.py3-none-any.whl

I'm using only Graph class

from igraph import Graph

What have I to do to change my code to make it working with the new library? Am I missing something?

edit: it's working on my laptop with Mint x86 OS, library version 0.6.5-1


  • Update: This information is outdated since November 2021. The correct way to install igraph's Python interface is now pip install igraph.

    I think you have installed the wrong igraph libray.

    This igraph(0.1.11) is the one you installed, while this igraph(0.7.1) is the one you need (and the well-known iGraph).

    • Using pip (once you've installed it), Just do:

      sudo pip uninstall igraph

    • Then install the python-igraph-0.7.1 package, using either pip or apt-get as mentionned in comments below:

      sudo pip install python-igraph

    Hope it works.