Use keyboard shortcuts from IntelliJ in Visual Studio

I would like to know if it´s possible to import keymap from IntelliJ or PHPStorm to Visual Studio. I´m used to working with IntelliJ IDE´s. Now I´m starting to develop some apps in .NET and it´s kinda hard to get used to the new key schemes.


  • Remark: This answer is four years old and a bit outdated. If you don't want to install ReSharper just to get the keymap, the other answers describe ways via (free) VS plugins.

    The easiest way is probably to install ReSharper (by the same company that does IntelliJ), which gives you a choice to use the IntelliJ keyboard layout. Otherwise you'd have to find an exported settings file for Visual Studio which includes the already changed shortcuts, but I couldn't find any in a quick Google search.

    enter image description here

    You could apply the shortcuts with ReSharper, export your keyboard settings (Tools => Import and Export Settings), uninstall (or disable) ReSharper and re-import the files if necessary.