In App Purchase functionality is not present in your binary

This is what I am getting in my iTunes connectApp store is rejecting my app for below reason but I am able to test with my test device and making purchase for app through sandbox environment . I have submitted this app to app store two time and I got rejection. I need someone to help me over this.

1 - How to test in app purchase through production IPA to know what they is getting wrong.

January 29, 2016 at 3:31 AM From Apple Abandoned Batch We found that while you have submitted In App Purchase products for your app, the In App Purchase functionality is not present in your binary.

If you would like to utilize In App Purchase in your app, you will need to upload a new binary that incorporates the In App Purchase API to enable users to make a purchase.

Your help will be more than appreciation!

[This is my in-app purchases product1 [**This is what I am getting under in-app purchases of build**]2 [**Is this necessary to get my in-app purchase under this while submitting**]3


  • This is so ridiculous but it will helpful for anyone like me in future so problem was In-App Purchase and Submitting Binary

    Please if you are submitting app binary for in - app purchase first time don't submit your in - app purchase first.

    submit your build or binary with In-App Purchase selected under you build screen as shown in screenshotIt shows when you go to Feature tap