How to undefine a variable in Scheme?

How to undefine a variable in Scheme? Is this possible?


  • In Scheme, variables are defined with either lambda, or one of the various lets. If you want one of them to be 'undefined' then all you need to do is leave the scope that they're in. Of course, that's not really undefining them, it's just that the variable is no longer bound to its previous definition.

    If you're making top level definitions, using (define), then technically you're defining a function. Since Scheme is functional, functions never really go away. I suppose that technically, it's stored in some sort of environment function somewhere, so if you were intimately familiar with your implementation (and it's not safeguarded somehow) you could probably overwrite it with your own definition of the globabl environment. Barring that, I'd say that your best bet would be to redefine the function to return the null list- that's really as empty as you get.