How can I update all Node.js modules automatically?

During my work with the Node.js environment, I faced the issue of version maintenance of Node.js modules. I would like to be sure that all internal Node.js modules are updated.

Many of existing manuals focus just on how to update Node.js modules, but not how to automate such routine.

How can I update all Node.js modules automatically to the latest version?
Ideally, it should be some script, job, or task.


  • To update all Node.js modules manually:

    1. Open console with administrative permissions
    2. Go to Node.js installation folder: cd C:\Program Files\nodejs
    3. Update npm: npm i npm@latest
    4. Go to modules folder: cd C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm
    5. Install all desired modules: npm i %MODULE_NAME%@latest
    6. Install update manager: npm i npm-check@latest -g
    7. Available updates for locally installed modules: npm-check -u
    8. Available updates for globally installed modules: npm-check -u -g
    9. Recursive update of all locally installed modules: npm update --depth 9999 --dev
    10. Recursive update of all globally installed modules: npm update --depth 9999 --dev -g
    11. Clear the cache: npm cache clear --force

    To update all Node.js modules automatically:

    1. Create a package.json:
        "_cmd-update-all-modules": "npm run update-all-modules",
        "scripts": {
            "create-global-node-modules-folder": "if not exist \"%appdata%\\npm\\node_modules\" mkdir %appdata%\\npm\\node_modules",
            "npm-i-g": "npm i npm@latest -g",
            "npm-check-i-g": "npm i npm-check@latest -g",
            "npm-check-u-l": "npm-check \"C:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\node_modules\\npm\" -y",
            "npm-check-u-g": "npm-check \"C:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\node_modules\\npm\" -y -g",
            "npm-deep-update-l": "npm update --depth 9999 --dev",
            "npm-deep-update-g": "npm update --depth 9999 --dev -g",
            "npm-cache-clear": "npm cache clear --force",
            "update-all-modules": "npm run create-global-node-modules-folder && npm run npm-i-g && npm run npm-check-i-g && npm run npm-check-u-l && npm run npm-check-u-g && npm run npm-deep-update-l && npm run npm-deep-update-g && npm run npm-cache-clear"
    1. Specify all desired modules to be installed in the scripts section
    2. Make sure the folder with Node.js, e.g. C:\Program Files\nodejs, is added to the PATH through the Environment Variables
    3. Copy package.json to the folder with Node.js from the step #3
    4. Open console with the administrative permissions
    5. In the console, go to the folder with package.json from the step #3
    6. Execute npm run update-all-modules

    Both of these approaches allow you keeping all Node.js modules updated to the latest version, wherever it is installed locally or globally.

    To run this package.json, call npm run update-all-modules, stored as a hint inside of the _cmd-update-all-modules property.